Stadiums and Location Based Marketing

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December 10, 2017
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May 23, 2018

Stadiums and Location Based Marketing

Stadiums have the capacity of up to 100,000 and then the majority of the audience are usually mobile holders. Most teams and stadiums have successful applications with high ratings, monthly active users and downloads. The sports industry is one of the most entertaining experiences for the masses in the entertainment business. Location based marketing integrated into the sports apps is the onward developing touch to reach the optimal, seamless stadium marketing experience.

The Touchdown – Timing of Arrival

Beacons enrich the stadium experience depending on the time a spectator arrives. Teams can greet early comers or loyal fans that return every weekend with rewards. Exclusive content, autographed merchandise offers, or access to training sessions are some examples that these loyal fans would appreciate and sustain brand affinity. People that arrive late can be offered highlights to cover the major parts they missed. Those that arrive when no one is playing can be offered a stadium tour instead. After arriving home, mobile applications can present details on the next game and offer a season-pass for the ones that keep returning to the stadiums.

The Baller Life – Ticket Upgrades

Since season-pass holders have the best seats in the house but they don’t always commit 100% on attending, upgrading offers can be given to others when beacons detect that the season–pass holders don’t arrive after a certain amount of in-game time. Customers waiting in lines can be offered discounted upgrades to fill last-minute vacancies in higher tier seating. Orlando Magic Arena earned an additional 1 million dollars in ticket sales thanks to beacons. Spectators are more likely to upgrade in the heat of the moment rather than when they are booking online outside of the stadium’s energetic atmosphere.

Sponsorship and Brand Benefits

Brands can place their billboards and ads in more strategic places for the right spectator. Location based marketing allows brands to approach fans outside the stadiums in places like malls to buy merchandise for their favorite team. Food and beverages can deliver and reward attendees on special occasions such as birthdays or present a free meal on their fifth visit.

Move Swiftly!

Navigation can be much smoother with maps presenting themselves upon arrival. From finding parking to tackling queues to dribbling to the seats, the whole journey can become hassle-free. Insight on the crowded areas isn’t only useful for the stadium’s business, it also helps attendees save extra time. Pairing with a companion can help the audience reunite back together.

The Home-run

The value added engagement will encourage stadium audiences to opt in the application and build buzz to witness the perks of location based marketing. Knowledge on the location of the audience improves business operations and offers analytic monetization. Frequency and behavior allows stadiums and brands to target more precisely. Fans appreciate it when stadiums spoil them with an enriched experience.

The goal is to catch fans in the right position and time and then strike with the means to have a stellar stadium experience.

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