What is Proximity Marketing

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Proximity Marketing (ProxMarketing) is a form of
location-based marketing that is suitable for indoor locations - stores, shopping centers, travel hubs, entertainment venues, exhibition venues, hotels and other business.

Proximity devices such as Wi-Fi or beacons are placed in strategic places inside these areas. Those proximity devices then communicate with your customer's mobile phones when they come into range.

This communication goes both ways in other words, you can send targeted messages to customers while these devices are also capturing customer behavior data.

Contextual messages sent to your
customers are highly relevant,

as they occur in real time, a proximity device could locate a customer in your store and who is now looking at a certain range of product.

The system could be set to automatically send to that customer a loyalty discount to encourage him to buy a product.

Proximity Marketing solution will
such as gather valuable information

about how long a customer spends looking at the product, how they engage with the offer you sent them, how long they spend in your store, what other areas and products they looked at, and more information that will help you build a specific customer profile.

Benefits of Proximity Marketing

Both you and your customer will benefit from Proximity marketing solutions. Your customers get to see messages that are relevant to them and that are delivered precisely when they are in a buying frame of mind, i.e. when they are inside or near your store. This advertising is much more effective than the ads they saw on Facebook at 11pm last Friday night.

Proximity marketing will provide lots of valuable data that you can use to improve your business. For example, you might discover that people spend longer in your store on particular days of the week, or you can identify sections of your store where customers spend less time than you think. You will also collect customer-level data, including purchase history and demographic information that you can analyse, utilize and monetize.

Proximity marketing is not just about data, however. It is also about getting immediate results. In a retail, entertainment or hotel environment, that means getting sales. In a tourism, exhibition or transport environment, this means encouraging people to visit particular locations. Whatever the situation, the focus is on getting real-time results.

Proximity marketing is another touch point you can have with your customers. Customers typically go through multiple touch points before they make a decision to buy. All of them are important, but the touch points that are closest to the buying decision are the most important. With proximity marketing, you can win that crucial touch point to give your business the best possible opportunity of making the sale.

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