Proxera’s Mobile Loyalty Solution Perks

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May 24, 2018
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July 30, 2018
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Proxera’s Mobile Loyalty Solution Perks

Proxera are excited to announce another digital marketing solution to our portfolio of services. The mobile loyalty solution is one of the most innovative marketing tool proven to sustain customer satisfaction and ensure retention. The conversion from paper loyalty cards to smart mobile engagement brings in a lot of new benefits.

Loyalty-Driven Application Perks:

Clients can customize the loyalty application matching their brand guidelines, to engage with their customers’ loyalty in a smart and personalized manner. Valuable analytics are collected when shopping on the application. The app can be scheduled to communicate with the customer’s loyalty level depending on their taste, assuring the customers are informed with the right message in the right time and place. Ecommerce and delivery also bring in a convenient experience. Social media integration allows spreading the word by the most loyal customers and help profile customers. Running surveys can improve relationships to customers and allow improvements. Overall, applications open a wide door of countless opportunities to market your business when focused on to enable retention in customer’s loyalty and happiness.     

Insights and Actionable Data:

This mobile loyalty solution allows businesses to better understand their customers’ behavior and act accordingly. The software platform offers supervisors insight on the market segmentations, buying behavior, frequency of engaging with the business, and much more.    

Simply connect with any POS:

Saving the best for last… The best perk about this mobile solution is the easy integration of Point of Sales. Collect and leverage customers, purchase data, have more targeted interactions with your customers. Run your marketing and analytics across all your stores. Learn more about this mobile loyalty solution and contact Proxera for any inquiries.

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