Music Festival’s Potential with Location-Based Marketing

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November 1, 2017
Digital Music and Location Based Marketing
December 10, 2017

Music Festival’s Potential with Location-Based Marketing

Throughout time, festivals have had audiences between the ranges of the hundreds to 3.5 million people… Lasting a few days, the activities there are in proportion to that capacity. Simultaneous concerts, F&B, games, sponsored booths, merch stands, and many other festival amenities can be found there. Nowadays, mobile applications are tailored for such condensed events.

Mobile App combined with location-based marketing massively compliment the festivals and their amenities. It doesn’t only increase footfall and promote sales. It also boosts music brands, enriches events, and creates memorable experiences. Venue owners, artist managers, and event organizers are all encouraged to embrace beacons and other location-based marketing technologies.


People who download the festival app will have the perk of receiving relevant information before the festival starts based on their profile and interests. Available parking spaces whereabouts and artist-set schedules will be up to date when the beacon targets incomers.

Gamified engagement through beacons will increase the entertainment value and embed memorable experiences. Invite them to a scavenger’s hunt like Electric Castle did. Encourage the audience to display on-screen messages via the application. Fans can share inspirational messages and send song requests. Also through the application and beacons, concert passersby can receive social media and streaming profiles of the current show to follow and share. Food trucks can promote appetizing offers to passersby and all other amenities can attract customers when nearby.

As people exit or roam around the festival, a well-timed notification based on their interests and micro location will be triggered sending review-submissions, relative Spotify playlists, Bandcamp links, merchandise store offers, mailing list, social media pages, or a direction toward any online or offline platform. It’s a remarkable way to engage with visitors based on their on-site behavior and interests.

Mobiles that opt in will receive personalized/contextualized push notifications in the future. Sharing special video clips from the event with them and invites to upcoming similar shows are a few ways to sustain loyalty and keep them engaged off-site and in the long term.

Location Services

With countless activities and the vast wandering space inside, in-app navigation can be a lifesaver. Amenities, water-stations, medical tents, and people can be found much easier.

Additionally, phone holders can agreeably pair with each other and navigate back in case they lose track of their companions.

Speaking of losing track, an advantage of location-aware technology is a “Dude, where’s my car?” button. Visitors can mark their parking location and swiftly navigate in-app back to their ride!

Security and Safety

People profiled as parents can be presented with a finder feature to assure safety of their children. It can be run through mobiles or BLE bracelets, which is a great alternative since these bracelets have longer lasting power and are more easily attached to children. Keep the bracelet to use it in next year event.

Using similar bracelets, or badges, monitor the staff’s location during the event, assuring they stay in their location. Also, communicate with your security staff to notify them in case of emergency situation and navigate them to the specific place.

Data and Analytics

Location based analytics are a metric of success. It helps organizers understand which areas of the festival and venue are crowded and help understand why. In return, this data can be reported and used to sell higher tier booths to sponsors. All artists can now know the average duration an attendee watched and those that stayed most of the set will be marked as loyal fans and rewarded with exclusive material.

Location-based marketing treats festival fans on-site and off-site, long term and short term. The analytics help evaluate success. They also assist in understanding and sustaining customer relationships.

The creativity in location-based marketing is endless just like the creativity in music is.

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