Introducing Electronic Shelf Labels

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February 22, 2018
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May 24, 2018

Introducing Electronic Shelf Labels

Specialists in location based marketing, Proxera, is proud to announce expansion by partaking in the future era of digital retail. Proxera now offers an exciting product and solution known as the Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL), or E-label.


What are Electronic Shelf Labels?

E-labels are digital wireless display systems ideal for showing prices of products in retail stores. Dynamic pricing is possible through ESL’s because they are directly connected to the store’s ERP and POS. Supermarkets, pharmacies, warehouses, and any industry that depends on paper to display their prices can switch to the perquisites of the ESL’s.  

Benefits of ESL

This solution saves paper & money, reduces labor & human error, and satisfies customers with up to date prices & its smart appearance. Printing paper is a liability and is not the most eco-friendly practice today. ESL’s eliminate revenue leakage from inaccurate pricing – stores’ POS and shelf edge will always be in sync. Additional features include NFC, LED lights, freezer temperature compatibility, and up to eighty enhancing accessories.


The ESL allows more information to be viewed by the customers than a regular price tag. Nutritional value, logo pictures, electronic specs, or any promotional messages can be displayed through E-ink along with the price too. The appealing appearance will boost sales, enhance the brand, and gain a competitive advantage over those that have not adapted to this wonderful technology. The battery life of ESLs are determined to last for about 4-5 years if the prices/offers/display messages are changed 4 times per day.

Dynamic Pricing

The ability to switch prices within seconds does not only save companies time and effort, it also opens the opportunity to sell with calculated and flexible prices. Promotions such as seasonal discounts and happy hours are feasible now. The ESL’s can be programmed to automatically change to certain prices at long or short terms. The LED light in the corner can be also used during promotions to signal a discount to customers. Dynamic pricing can also match competitors’ prices, event based pricing, and match the economy in general.

Management Benefits

Store supervisors or managers are equipped with a special remote that gives access to additional pages on the ESL. Restocking, inventory management, promotional displays,  expiration dates, and any other product related information management desires, can be displayed on their command. The ESL can contain up to seven different pages. It will automatically switch back to the price-page after management read the additional page(s).

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