GeoMarketing Solutions

Geo Context Mobile Targeting

Is your business effectively reaching your potential clients while they’re on their mobile devices?

GeoMarketing is a powerful way to advertise through mobile at scale, measure app installs, drive footfall and connect with and engage potential customers.

Proxera offers businesses wide reach with our extensive marketing network and valuable relationships with various publishers and ad networks.

We do this through precise targeting and immersive ad experiences that we offer through our GeoMarketing solutions. In addition, we also give you tools for analysis and real-time optimization so you can make the most out of every campaign.

Precise audience targeting

The ad will appear while users are on their mobile device

undertaking certain activity such as shopping online, browsing websites or simply using their favorite mobile Applications during the most relevant time and location.

The range of location targeting


Geo Fencing

Typically based on co-ordinates, capturing all targeted users within the virtual "fence".

Personal Locations

Targeting people at home, in their office, universities or at a specific outdoor location.

Points of interest

Targeting users when they are close to a point of interest such as Parks, Hotels, Car dealers . . . etc


Engage users over wide geographical areas target by city, town, postcode, country, and more

Geo Conquesting

Target customers who are close to your competitors' locations.

Immersive ad experiences


Range of ad formats and styles to ensure you get maximum results


Our ads are non-intrusive but effective

Real-time analytics and optimization tools


Track users and engagement in real-time


Identify pattern


Make changes, split test, and more


Analyze ad performance