Norwich City Centre Mall


Norwich City Centre sought to remedy decreasing consumer footfall metric by mapping customer behaviour and utilizing mobile proximity marketing for merchants and visitors via a brand new proximity-enabled app. The aim was to incentivise shoppers to hit the high street.


A beacon network was installed throughout the shopping complex to 17 shops, 5 floors, and 7 entrances. Once the Norwich shoppers started interacting with the beacons, they were able to discover and purchase new products as well as sign up for incentives such as coupons, discounts and loyalty services. The centre used behaviour mapping to collect the time and duration of visit, consumer movement, and number of visits to each merchant. Additionally, the mall could also confirm their initial analysis via proximity devices on dwindling footfall—visitors were actually only using the centre’s parking facility and going elsewhere for shopping.


Once the proximity devices were optimized for engagement across the centre, visitor dwell time saw a substantial increase by 50%. The centre saw 20% unique CTR on proximity notifications received by consumers.