McDonald’s sought to enhance personal relationships with customers as well as promote a new line of coffee-flavoured beverages by leveraging a new proximity marketing strategy via beacons at 15 of its cafés in Istanbul. The focus was to increase awareness of the new coffee-flavoured drinks, including ginger mocha, coconut latte, and chai tea latte.


As a part of this program, the chain developed a loyalty app to target customers while they were around the premises of a local MacDonald Cafe. Each time users with the mobile app, entered the beacon-enhanced premises, they received a mobile coupon prompting them to purchase a coffee and collect one beverage from the new drink line for free. The app also tailored promotions sent to users according to their pre-selected likes.


McDonalds delivered two campaigns of six weeks duration each, the proximity marketing campaigns via the proximity app and devices saw 30% of users, who received the promotion, using it more than once. 20% of the loyalty app’s users identified themselves as interested in receiving such types of offers. Therefore the campaign helped McDonald’s achieve 20% conversion rate with 30% of users who received the promotion.