Famous retailer Macy’s initiated a Proximity marketing campaign at Macy’s Herald Square, New York and Union Square, San Francisco. Macy's developed a proximity enabled mobile application, so that once customers enter the areas near the two stores, they receive a notification alerting them to deals and reminding them of products they were interested in, that are on sale at the store. The retailer soon expanded the use of proximity devices to all of its 786 stores nationwide.


Macy’s pepped up their regular trial of using proximity-triggered notifications and messages to enhance customer experiences in stores. The proximity-triggered ads included discounts, rewards, recommendations, department-level deals, and personalized deals for customers. The retail chain leveraged proximity devices further on Thanksgiving for an in-store contest focusing on Pinterest for showcasing deals and a mobile-enabled shopping list. A push notification prompted shoppers to engage with a digital experience, the beacon-triggered and mobile-enabled Macy’s Black Friday ‘Walk In and Win’ game. The game gave shoppers a chance to instantly win $1 million Macy’s gift codes and other prizes.


Macy’s leveraged the proximity devices for the purpose of hitting the two ‘holy grails’ of metrics—in-store engagements boosting app usage by 16 times and increasing app retention by 6 times. The retail chain now has more than 4,000 proximity sensors placed in its nationwide stores to power engagement and marketing efforts.