Carrefour has extensive proximity devices in all 28 of its hypermarkets in a European country through which the retail chain offers its consumers a simple, intuitive, and fun app for orientation inside hypermarkets from area to area. The retailer’s proximity-enabled app offers navigation, automates the commercial content delivery, and collects essential data about in-store consumer behavior. Its proximity marketing campaign keeps consumers informed about the products, services, and actual special offers from each of the store departments.


Once users download Carrefour’s Smart Shopping app, they can select the sections they would want to go to for shopping from a predefined list of store departments. After the shopping list is completed, the application calculates a route, and shows the path to follow on the store map. As users advance from one area to another, the route is updated and the mobile phone shows them their next directions. At each aisle of the hypermarket where they stop, shoppers get notifications or active promotions with details about the products.


Utilising proximity devices, Carrefour has seen an astonishing rise in its application’s engagement rate which went up by 400% and the number of app users which grew by 600% in a period of seven months.