Beacons as the Second Real Estate Agent

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September 23, 2017
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November 16, 2017

Beacons as the Second Real Estate Agent

The advantages of beacons over realtors are that they are spontaneous, they work 24/7, and they mine data. Real Estate companies can creatively program to send specific content to mobile users in real time and location. This can highly attract customers and enhance sales. They are especially useful in open houses when the realtor is busy with other people. There are endless ways beacons have helped the realtor with their job at real estate.

Here are some of the possible stages beacons can enhance interactions with a potential buyer:


Approach buyers, within a radius of a 100 meter, by offering to schedule a tour with a realtor. Or, alert passersby about an open house. This is the future’s “For Sale” sign. Alternatively, 360° tours and VR are also an option since modern day mobile screen have decent sizes and are sometimes equipped with VR gear. Beacons will engage selectively with prospects. For example, mobile users who have used property searching applications recently such as Dubizzle, Property Finder, or Dubai Land Department’s eMart, are very likely to be hunting for property thus are targeted by beacons.


Once attracted to the inside of the property, send information in specific rooms or areas (it is now paper-free and green!). Dimensions, latest renovation, facilities, or any persuasive selling points are sent automatically or by request. Here is a neat feature. Demographics and other segmenting information are usually saved when the user creates a profile (age, gender, email, and sometimes extra info). Therefore, beacons can also recommend personal suggestions. Let’s say the client is a 38-year-old male. A pop-up can be displayed after the mobile holder proves interest by duration of stay. “This room can be your next house-office!”


Perform a call to action through the phone. Program a “Call agent” invitation in a timely manner like when the visitor leaves the property or attach them the contact info. Beacons can also be placed, not only in properties but also, at the real estate offices. They recognize returning customers and can offer a warm welcome plus notify the realtor that a customer who showed interest in “The Flats” is visiting.

Additionally, get feedback and turn interests. Let’s say the person in proximity of a mansion is not looking for a tour of a mansion in the suburbs but is searching for a penthouse downtown instead; ask for a survey to inquire personal details such as budget, preferred location, number of rooms, and other information to sustain prospects. This tailors better alternatives to buy. In the long run, even if the customer doesn’t respond, the mobile & beacon will still cooperate to provide the real estate company valuable analytics. Measuring the level of attractiveness is possible since beacons capture the duration of a visitor’s stay. Heat maps are then available to demonstrate the quality of each area giving the real estate insight on changing things up while also giving segmentational insights of visitors.

How about you? Have you witnessed any innovative uses of beacons in a real estate sale before?



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