Basics of Proximity Marketing with Beacons

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May 23, 2018
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Basics of Proximity Marketing with Beacons

Beacons are small wireless devices that detect mobile holding customers. These Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) sensors enable businesses to interact with any customers that have downloaded their mobile application.

Beacons allow businesses to:

  • Participate in personalized, contextual, and real time marketing
  • Understand customer’s browsing and behavior  
  • Increase sales
  • Improve business operations

Placing beacons

Beacons must be placed in strategic spots in a venue depending on the business’s aim and purpose. They can be placed in points of interests like near the entrance, cashier, or in specific aisles. The standard range of connection is between 2-70 meters depending on the calibration upon installation and beacon type.    

Managing Beacons

Beacons and the platform cooperate to automatically engage with customers depending on their behavior and location. For example, if a customer stands in the queue of the meat section in a supermarket for enough time, the beacons detects their interest. In effect, the application pushes notifications, at the optimal time; promotional offers, relevant information, surveys, or any personalized communication are all possible.


The analytics and behavioral study of customers allow businesses to make informed decisions on improving operations. The same customer behavior analytics that is typically collected online can now be collected in the physical world thanks to beacons. Queue management, product placement & marketing, loyalty rewards, and many more business operations can be executed with much more insight and wisdom.  

Who is it for?

Retailers, venues, hotels, stadiums, indoor businesses and even E-commerce platforms can benefit from beacon’s proximity marketing. Any business that desires to establish context-aware communication with their customers and prosper through understanding their customer’s behavior should look into beacons as a solution.

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