8 Museums Successfully Using Beacons & 8 Examples of Beacon Innovations

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July 30, 2018
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8 Museums Successfully Using Beacons & 8 Examples of Beacon Innovations

There are hundreds of museums & galleries around the world implementing beacons today. Proxera curated a list of eight prestigious museums using beacon technology to enhance the customer experience in various ways and gain insightful analytics to help improve business operations:

  1. Asian Art Museum, San Francisco
  2. National Gallery in Singapore
  3. Brooklyn Museum, New York
  4. The Groninger Museum, Netherlands
  5. Sydney Art Project , Australia
  6. Swiss Museum of Transport, Lucerne
  7. National Portrait Gallery, London
  8. Kew Gardens, London  

The potential of beacons enhancing the dedicated mobile app in museums is endless. We listed eight innovative uses of real-time location-based proximity marketing benefits that showcase the magic:

  1. Push notification or on-demand interactive media based on artwork within proximity  
  2. Audio tour becomes more dependent on the visitor’s freedom of direction and the interactive map can help plan their personalized tour
  3. Tracking a visitor’s favorite artwork based on dwell time or they themselves personally adding it to their ‘Favorites’ when nearby, and then later advertising relevant souvenirs when the fan is near the shop
  4. Gamify the learning experience with scavenger hunts, quizzes, or other edutainment. Reward participants with extra knowledge and discounts from the souvenir shops, or a promotion for their next visit
  5. On-site experts can answer questions via mobile in real time  
  6. Management can collect priceless analytics, optimize traffic management, and learn where the hot-spots are through heat-maps
  7. Beacons can enhance Augmented Reality, Google Glass, and other technological accessories by proximity-enabling
  8. Relevant audio-triggered commentaries within proximity can make statues and paintings come to life by talking about their history and their maker

It’s all about creatively finding the best fitting solution and not overwhelming visitors with triggered bombardments. With the perfect balance of beacon-triggered content, visitors will have an adequate dose of mobile interaction and enhance the experience of the artwork in the museum.   

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